Facilities Management & Engineering

Design and Construction

Design & Construction is headed by Joseph Ben-Ari. Services include: renovations, Planning, Design and Construction and management of outside construction projects.  

Joseph Ben-Ari, B.A.
Director, Design & Construction
Phone: 718.430.2704
E-mail: joseph.benari@einsteinmed.edu 


Project Managers

Amr Mohamed, PMP
Project Manager
Phone: 718.430.2711
E-mail: amr.mohamed@einsteinmed.edu 

Iyad Alchiek, PMP
Project Manager
Phone: 718.430.8862 
E-mail:  Iyad.alchiek@einsteinmed.edu 



Vincent Marquardt, RA
Supervisor of Planning & Design
Phone: 718.430.8965
E-mail: Vincent.Marquardt@einsteinmed.edu