Prevention and treatment of metastatic disease is one of the most difficult challenges facing cancer treatment. While our knowledge of metastatic disease has grown significantly, precise therapies to intervene early and stop metastasis are not available. The discovery that disseminated cancer cells (DCCs) or even recurrent clones in hematological malignancies can originate very early in cancer evolution and that early or late evolved systemically disseminated clones can enter years- to decades-long periods of dormancy, reshaped our notion of metastasis targeting. For the first time we gained insight into an unexpected biology, that is that cancer pauses its progression, revealing a window of opportunity for early intervention.

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Mission Objectives

  • To identify the intrinsic and TME mechanisms that control cancer dormancy
  • To determine how changes in the host contribute to awakening of dormant cancer cells.
  • Study the effect of aging on cancer dormancy and its relationship with the immune system
  • Identify dormancy biomarkers and therapeutics to kill dormant cells or maintain dormancy

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