Shared Resources

INVESTIGATORS PLEASE NOTE -- -- It is important to acknowledge Cancer Center Shared Resources in all publications that include data derived from each facility. Please acknowledge the Cancer Center Shared Resources that have provided support to your manuscript in the Acknowledgements sections. In addition, it is important to associate, in your “My Bibliography”, the Cancer Center Support Grant (P30 CA013330) with any publication that was supported by a shared resource or pilot project funding.

Administration of Shared Resources

Dr. Jonathan Backer is the Cancer Center's Associate Director for Shared Resources and as such a member of ALL advisory committees. Dr. Richard Seither, as Associate Director of Administration, is an ex-officio member of ALL advisory committees.

Each facility has a(n):

  • Advisory Board
  • Faculty Supervisor
  • Director

There are also staff who help in technical and/or administrative capacities.

Shared Resource Locations

Shared Resource Building Phone
Analytical Imaging Facility Forchheimer 641, Price 210,216 718.430.3547
Animal Barrier Ullmann 1005 / Price/Block B118 718.430.8553
Biostatistics Belfer 1303B 718.430.2431
Biospecimen Acquisition & Biorepository Golding G02 718.430.2446
Chemical Synthesis Gruss 314A (MRRC) 718.430.3096
Epi Informatics Belfer 1313 718.430.3559
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting Chanin 307/308/309, Price/Block 159 A&B 718.430.8787
Genomics & Computational Analysis (Genomics, Epigenomics, Computational Genomics) Ullmann 1203, Price/Block 159, Price/Block 353 929.246.6735, 718.678.1163, 718.678.1234
Histopathology Price/Block 158 718.678.1177
Molecular Cytogenetics Price/Block 413A 718.678.1158
Structural Biology (NMR, X-Ray Crystallography, LMAP) Ullmann B08, Brookhaven, Ullmann 409, Ullmann 403 718.430.2035, 718.430.2743, 718.430.3476
Transgenic Mouse/Gene Targeting Price B110 718.678.1107