Cross-Cutting Areas

ERC-CFAR investigators are engaged in basic science research generating the fundamental knowledge that are the underlying foundation for all HIV research area. This includes studies focused on HIV virology, acquisition, transmission, and susceptibility; and investigations of HIV-related immunology and host-viral interactions. Results from these studies may lead to new strategies to prevent HIV acquisition, disease progression, HIV-associated comorbidities and a potential cure. Listed below are NIH-funded studies by ERC-CFAR Investigators engaged in Cross-Cutting research.

Investigator Institution NIH Grant Title
Felipe Diaz-Griffero  Einstein R01 GM123540  Regulationvof SAMHD1 Antiviral Activity
Theodora Hatziioannou  Rockefeller University R21 AI134221  Determinants of Lentiviral Envelope Tropism In Macaques
Charles M Rice  Rockefeller University R21 AI134041  Host Factors In Innate Immunity and Retroelement Control
Sanford M. Simon  Rockefeller University R01 GM119585  Single Virions To Study Assembly of Hiv-1
Gabriel D. Victora  Rockefeller University R21 AI138020  Origin and Dynamics of Germinal Center Regulatory T Cells
Gabriel D. Victora  Rockefeller University R01 AI119006  Dynamics of Antigen-Driven Selection In Germinal Centers