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Office of Clinical Trials (OCT)


What type of certification and/or training is required before I may begin enrolling patients for a study?

Principal Investigators, Study Coordinators and all other research staff listed in the IRB application must complete the CITI training course. For further instructions, please visit the IRB website. 

What is a "1572"?

A 1572 is an FDA form in which the investigator states that s/he will abide by the federal guidelines set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations for the use of drugs in an investigational setting.

Where is the OCT located?

We are located on the 8th Floor of the Moses Research Tower on the Moses campus, and on Block 5 on the Einstein campus.

Upcoming Events

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The Montefiore Einstein Office of Clinical Trials 

Montefiore Medical Center
111 East 210th Street
Moses Research Tower, 8th Floor, Room 8-014

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