Center for Comparative Effective Research

Research Initiatives

Addiction Treatment

Julia Arnsten, MD, MPH 

  • NEO (NIH)
    This trial tests the hypothesis that treatment with buprenorphine is associated with significant improvement in neurocognitive function in opioid-dependent drug users, compared to methadone.
  • CARE (NIH)
    This fellowship program trains physicians in clinical addiction research, and also provides resources to enhance substance abuse education for residents and students at Montefiore and Einstein.

Marcus Bachhuber, MD 

  • Addiction treatment in the Affordable Care Act
  • Medical and recreational marijuana laws 
  • Prescription drug abuse

Chinazo Cunningham, MD, MS 

  • Project FIRST (NIH)
    Do financial incentives for abstinence from illicit drugs lead to improved HIV outcomes?
  • Primary care access to buprenorphine treatment for opioid addiction

Aaron Fox, MD 


Caring for Patients with Chronic Pain

Anjali Sharma, MD 


Joanna Starrels, MD, MS 


Care and Treatment of Hepatitis C

Alain Litwin, MD 


Brianna Norton, DO 

    Group HCV evaluation and primary-care based HCV treatment for persons who inject drugs.

Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

James Brust, MD 

  • PROBeX (NIH)
    Examining a new drug for patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa.

Global Health

Gerald Paccione, MD 


Viraj Patel, MD 

  • HIV treatment adherence in India

Patient Safety

Hector Perez, MD 

  • Healthcare barriers in persons with communication disabilities
    This research seeks to describe barriers and challenges to seeking out health care and communicating during health visits among persons with communication disabilities such as deafness or speech disorders.

Social Media & HIV Prevention

Oni Blackstock, MD 

  • Sisters-GPS (NIH)
    Group visits with Peers for Support - do group medical visits improve HIV medication adherence among women with HIV/AIDS?

Viraj Patel, MD 


Tobacco Cessation

Shadi Nahvi, MD, MS 


Transgender Health

Viraj Patel, MD 

  • Gender and sexual minority health research
    This initiative aims to establish an interdisciplinary community-academic partnership to help address health disparities by fostering pragmatic health research on gender and sexual minority populations.
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