Montefiore Einstein Department of Medicine

Dhananjay K. Kaul, PhD

Dhananjay K. Kaul, PhD
Dhananjay K. Kaul, PhD, Professor of Medicine (Hematology), died on the evening of November 17, 2013. Dr. Kaul had been suffering from a protracted illness with multiple recent complications.

Dr. Kaul's research laboratory focused on the mechanisms of vascular dysfunction in hemolytic disorders such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia. His studies were directed towards understanding mechanisms that contribute to endothelial abnormalities, altered microvascular regulation, and abnormal blood cell-endothelium interactions in these hemolytic disorders.

Other major research goals were directed at understanding mechanisms by which sickle red cells interact with vascular endothelium, leading not only to vascular endothelial damage, apoptosis and platelet activation, but also to vaso-occlusion. His laboratory was at the forefront in defining predominant adhesion mechanisms involved in this pathologic cell adhesion.

"We honor Dr. Kaul's fundamental contributions to the vascular and sickle cell fields, and extend our deepest sympathies to his wife Shikta and all his family," said Dr. Victor Schuster, Chairman of the Department of Medicine.

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