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Resident Program Didactic & Clinical Conferences

Didactic and Clinical Conferences

Didactic conferences are divided into two categories: The “Boot-camps” and the didactic lecture series. Boot camps are required for all PGY1 residents. The didactic lecture series divided into AP and CP didactic lectures, and are required for all residents when rotating in their respective services. 

The following is an abbreviated list that may be of interest for residents. This list does not include the breakdown of rotation specific conferences which will be scheduled at the beginning of certain rotations. Residents are encouraged to attend all clinical conferences as their interests dictate, as long as they have prior approval from the director of their current service.

First Year Required  

  • Boot Camp Series:
    Time/Location: July and August only, locations and times TBA
    Description: This is an introductory series of important AP and CP topics

AP/CP Required 

  • Tuesday and Thursday Morning Didactics:
    Time/Location: 8am, C4 Conference room:
    Description: These lectures consist of AP or CP topic lectures given by Attendings and resident run study sessions on RISE focused topics.
  • Hemepath Morphology Correlation Conference:
    Required for all residents on the Moses campus
    Time/Location: 8AM, Every other Wednesday Morning, MHS room.
    Description: This is a slide based case conference presented by the hematopathology fellows.
  • Autopsy CPC
    Time/Location: 8AM, at least one Monday/month, Locations vary between C4 conference room or Weiler signout room.
    Description: This is an autopsy case presentation.  A schedule of residents assigned to prepare these talks is issued at the beginning of the year.  Residents are responsible for incorporating a relevant CP topic into their presentation and soliciting guidance for a CP attending as well as the AP attending who signed out the case.
  • Grand Rounds and Visiting Professor Lecture Series
    Time/Location: 11:30AM Thursdays, C4 Conference Room
    Description:  Lectures given by invited speakers from other institutions for all members of the pathology department.  These lecturers will often have scheduled time to meet with the residents and give an additional resident only conference.  These lectures are scheduled throughout the year and only take place on some Thursday. 
  • Rotation Specific Lectures/Conferences
    Every rotation has conferences that the rotation resident must attend or present at.  These are made clear to the resident at the start of each rotation.

AP Required 

  • Cytology / Histology Correlation Conference: 
    ime/Location: One Monday per Block, 8AM in the MHS room
    Description: All residents/fellows on Surgical Pathology service are responsible for identifying 6 cases of interest with cytology and surgical pathology findings.  A schedule of residents responsible for collecting cases for each conference is issued at the beginning of each academic year.  This conference is facilitated by Dr. Samuel Khader.
  • Moses Autopsy Conference: Required for Moses AP residents only
    Time/Location: 9:30AM Every Tuesday Morning, Moses Morgue
    Description: The autopsy residents present the organs from the previous week's autopsies to all AP residents rotating at the Moses campus.  This conference is facilitated by the Dr. Jacob Steinberg.
  • Weiler Autopsy Conference: Required for Weiler AP residents only
    Time/Location: 8AM 3rd Wednesday of each block, Weiler Morgue
    Description: The autopsy residents present the organs from the previous Month's autopsies to all AP residents rotating at the Weiler campus. This conference is facilitated by Dr. Yihong Wang and Dr. Moshe Sadofsky.
  • Brain Cutting: Required for Autopsy Resident Only
    Time/Location: 1PM Thursdays, Neuropathology
    Description: Autopsy Brain and Spical Cords are grossed weekly by our Neuropathologists.

CP Required 

  • CP Journal Club and Case Presentation Conferences
    Time/Location: 4 PM Every Wednesday, C4 Conference Room
    Description:  A schedule of residents responsible for presenting is created at the beginning of the year and posted on the resident calendar.  Residents are responsible for presenting either a journal article from the literature or an interesting case once on the following CP rotations – Blood Bank, Chemistry, Microbiology and Hematology. Each presentation is expected to last about 45 minutes to an hour.
  • CP Call Review
    Time/Location: 9:30AM Every other Friday; CP Administration Conference Room (N8).
    Description: A resident will give a short CP topic presentation followed by a review of the previous two weeks CP calls.


  • Pulmonary CPC
    Time/Location: 8:30 am 4th Monday of the Month, C4 Conference Room
    Description:  A schedule of residents responsible for preparing cases for this conference is created at the beginning of each year.  The resident is expected collaborate with the Pulmonary fellow for cases of interest. The resident should be in contact with Dr Zhu two weeks prior to the conference date. The resident is responsible for sending out reminders of the conference to all clinical teams and the pathology dept. 
  • Dermpath CPC
    Time/Location: Once Per Quarter, Evenings, times and locations TBA a few weeks prior to the conference.
    Description:  A schedule of residents responsible for preparing for this conference is compiled at the beginning of the year. The responsible residents will be contacted when the conference is scheduled to give them time to prepare.  Residents are responsible for working with Dermatology resident to present interesting cases.
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