Department of Pathology

Resident Resources

The Department of Pathology and the Montefiore Medical Center work together to provide resources to help residents throughout their training. Multiple residents' rooms throughout both campuses are designated areas for pathology residents, where they can work, eat, read, or relax.

The Resident Resource Room, located in the central pavilion on the fourth floor, has been dubbed the AP residents' room. It has AP-related textbooks, a microscope designated for photographing slides, a two-headed scope, lockers and computers. Its proximity to Dr. J. J. Steinberg, allows residents close contact with the residency director, who is always ready to help residents with any and all concerns. The overall attending and associate staff maintains "open door policies" and are responsive to resident needs and maintain a most nurturing communal environment.

Resident Research: Two doors down from this residents' room is a staffed lab designated solely for resident directed research projects. Independent research initiates are encouraged with annual research grants readily available from the department.

In the Silver zone on the eighth floor, adjacent to the main clinical labs is the CP resident room. This room has multiple resident designated computers, CP oriented text books, lockers, and work space.

For surgical pathology rotations a recently renovated area devoted for residents has been completed at Montefiore. New computers, microscopes, a library and ergonomically designed desks allow residents to comfortably preview their cases before sign-out. The Weiler hospital also has resident designated work areas and an extensive anatomic pathology library.


The department and the hospital provide generous benefits to residents. Some of these these benefits include: $15 worth of food daily
$500 annual book fund
Reimbursement for all travel, lodging and meals at conferences residents present at.
Excellent health plan with prescriptions filled free of charge.
Discounted Montefiore housing options

and more...


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