M.D. Admissions

Profile of the Class of 2024

  • There are 183 students in the first-year class. 8077 individuals applied for entrance and 1,039 were interviewed.
  • 97 (53%) are women. 41 (22%) self-described as identifying with groups underrepresented in medicine. 15 (8%) are M.D./Ph.D. students. 91 (50%) students speak Spanish.
  • 9 students participated in an Einstein Pipeline Program as undergraduates.
  • 20–31 is the age range; 38 (21%) are over the age of 25; and 23.5 is the average age.
  • 28 (15%) students were born outside the United States in countries that include Bangladesh, Benin, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Romania, the Russian Federation, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
  • 75 colleges are represented. Most highly represented with 3 or more students are Boston College, Brown University, the City University of New York, Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, Georgetown, New York University, Northeastern, Stanford, the State University of New York, the University of California, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh and Yeshiva University. 
  • 19 states are represented. 92 (50%) are residents of the state of New York; 6 were born in the Bronx. 70 have a bachelor of arts; 111 have a bachelor of science; 6 have an "other" bachelor's degree; 20 have a master's degree; and, 1 has a Pharm D degree. 58 (32%) have a non-science major. 
  • 26 languages are spoken and 3 students can communicate in American Sign. 21 students speak 4 or more languages, and 84% have some bi-lingual proficiency.   
  • At least 25% of the class are musicians; vocalists and/or dancers.
  • 32 are certified EMTs.
  • Students have volunteered with myriad organizations.  To describe just a few: BRYTE - tutoring refugee students from Zambia; working in the Bronx as President of the Yankassa Muslim Youth Organization; Vice-President of Maroon Veterans Alliance to raise awareness for veterans' issues such as PTSD and homelessness; two years of missionary work in Uruguay; participation in Food Co-ops; preparing senior citizens for citizenship exams; advocating for immigrant rights as Co-president of the Muslim Students Association; volunteering for the No One Dies Alone program; Vice President of Vassar’s UNICEF Chapter; volunteering at women’s shelters; Vice President of Programming for College Mentors for Kids; President of the Society for India at Cornell which strives to spread awareness of Indian culture; Editor of the Princeton Journal of East Asian Studies; Section Editor of Stanford’s Journal of Public Health; Treasurer of the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students at Lehman College; working at the Global Outreach Project in Puebla, Mexico; participating in the Hepatitis B assessment with the WHO and the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health; volunteering in Louisiana’s Audubon Park, and at Brooklyn’s Park Slope Food Coop; coordinating volunteer efforts for the Tutor Refugee Growth and Empowerment organization - a rehoming agency in Pittsburgh; coaching for the Staten Island Philippine American Group Basketball team; volunteering with the Bear Cubs - an adaptive track team for autistic children; food rescue in the Bronx with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine; President of Locks for Cause Organization; and volunteering with urban farming at Bushwick City Farm to help combat food insecurity.   
  • List of undergraduate colleges and majors.

Admissions Quick Facts

  • Admissions Quick Facts - Class of 2024 -
    (Second-Year Class)  
  • There were 8,077 applicants to the College
  • Approximately 1000 applicants were interviewed
  • The average age is 23.5
  • 32% have a non-science major
  • 28 students were born outside the United States
  • 75 colleges are represented
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