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On Monday evening, April 6, 2020 at 9:23 p.m. at the apex of the COVID-19 crisis, a senior faculty member wrote, "working tonight with 2 pediatric residents who graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and we are covering a converted CHAM floor that now is solely for adults with COVID. They are phenomenal in their intellect, compassion, enthusiasm, grit and poise. If anyone ever needs to be inspired or encouraged, they should experience these doctors in action."  

We invite you to join us at Einstein!   

Since its founding in 1955, Albert Einstein College of Medicine has excelled in the quality of its faculty, who perform outstanding research, provide compassionate patient care, and are dedicated to teaching; and in the quality of its students, a diverse and talented group who support each other through the rigorous years of medical school training, so that they are recognized by residency programs throughout the country as among the best-prepared.

Einstein is a special place where the learning of both the art and the science of medicine occurs in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Our students embody the compassion and collaboration that are hallmarks of our institution. Whether studying to become physicians or researchers, they demonstrate a tremendous depth of caring for and dedication to the healing of humanity.

Our namesake, Albert Einstein, desired that a medical school bearing his name "welcome students of all races and creeds," and, since its inception, the College of Medicine has been committed to enrolling medical students who are racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse. Diversity is an important factor in graduating future physicians who, in keeping with our social mission, meet the healthcare needs of underserved populations in their communities and throughout the world.

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All college decisions with regard to faculty, staff and students are based on equitable and equally applied standards of excellence. Diversity enhancement efforts have been established as a visible and formal expression of institutional policy. This policy is designated to insure that recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, and all other personnel actions take place and all programs involving students, both academic and nonacademic, are administered without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran or disabled veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or citizenship status as those terms are used in the law. 

Admissions Quick Facts

  • Admissions Quick Facts - Class of 2026
    (Second-Year Class)  
  • There were 9,785 applicants to the College
  • Approximately 1000 applicants were interviewed
  • The average age is 25
  • 23% have a non-science major
  • 14 students were born outside the United States
  • 84 colleges are represented
Statement from Albert Einstein College of Medicine Regarding Supreme Court Decision on Race-Conscious Admissions
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