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Mario J. Garcia, M.D.

Mario J. Garcia, M.D.

Co-Director, Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care

Chief, Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Einstein and Montefiore Health System

Professor, Medicine (Cardiology), Einstein

Pauline A. Levitt Chair in Medicine, Einstein

Heart DiseaseCardiologyCardiac imaging

Cardiovascular disease


Robert E. Michler, M.D.

Robert E. Michler, M.D.

Professor and Chair, Surgery, Einstein and Montefiore Health System

Professor and Chair, Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery, Einstein and Montefiore

Co-Director, Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care

Surgeon-in-Chief, Montefiore

Cardiac surgeryMitral repair surgeryAortic valve surgery Minimally invasive heart surgeryHeart transplantation

Dr. Michler is a heart surgeon who specializes in complex aortic and mitral valve repair surgery. He is an NIH-funded investigator whose interest in repairing the injured heart has led to clinical trials in cardiac stem cell transplantation. Dr. Michler and his teams have advanced minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery procedures and surgical robotics. This work led to FDA approval for selective cardiac robotic procedures including mitral valve repair and coronary bypass surgery. read more...


Bernice E. Morrow, Ph.D.

Bernice E. Morrow, Ph.D.

Professor, Genetics

Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Director, Translational Genetics, Department of Genetics

Sidney L. and Miriam K. Olson Professor in Cardiology

GeneticsBirth defectsChromosomal disorders

As director of translational genetics, Dr. Morrow worked with the department of pathology to expand diagnostic genetics testing at Einstein in collaboration with Montefiore Medical Center, the University Hospital for Einstein. She is now working with several clinical departments to build translational genetics research programs to discover the genetic underpinnings of complex diseases such as deafness, cleft palate and congenital heart disease. Dr. Morrow studies the molecular errors in genes that affect embryonic development and cause various birth defects read more...


Judith Wylie-Rosett, Ed.D.

Judith Wylie-Rosett, Ed.D.

Professor, Epidemiology & Population Health (Health Promotion and Nutrition Research)

Professor, Medicine (Endocrinology)

Division Head, Health Promotion and Nutritional Research, Department of Epidemiology & Population Health

Atran Foundation Chair in Social Medicine

NutritionObesityWeight management

Behavior modificationType 2 diabetes

Dr. Wylie-Rosett’s research focuses on nutrition’s role in preventing and controlling chronic diseases—particularly diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease in which obesity is an important risk factor.  She is associate editor of the journal Diabetes Care and author of The Complete Weight Loss Workbook. Dr. Wylie-Rosett has helped the American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association develop nutrition-related recommendations and position statements. read more...