Human Multi-omics Data Core

The mission for the Human Multi-Omics Data Core (HMOC) is directed by three major questions: (1) Are the mechanisms for longevity discovered in animal models relevant to humans?; (2) What are the proteomic fingerprints of chronological aging?; and (3) Can we capture changes in the biology of aging in humans treated with aging-targeting interventions? Resolving these three questions require extensive multi-omics analyses. The HMOC will assist in the design, performance and data analyses necessary for carrying out such studies. To facilitate answering these research questions, we utilize our unique human longevity cohorts that have been thoroughly clinically phenotyped and characterized with multi-omics techniques, including genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics.


Director: Jan Vijg, PhD

Services and Consultants

HMOC serves the role of a consultant. We offer advice, share data and provide samples from our large repositories of human age- and longevity-related cohort samples.

  1. Genotyping - Dr. Gil Atzmon
  2. Whole-exome Sequencing – Drs. Gil Atzmon and Zhengdong Zhang
  3. Single-cell analytics - Drs. Alex Maslov and Jan Vijg
  4. Human cell samples- Dr. Cristina Montagna
  5. Transcriptomics- Dr. Alex Maslov
  6. Proteomics- Dr. Sofiya Milman
  7. Metabolomics (under development)- Dr. Sofiya Milman