Proteostasis of Aging Core

Alterations in proteostasis have been described in multiple age-related disorders and are also tightly linked to additional mechanisms of aging such as molecular damage, cellular response to stress, metabolism, inflammation and stem cell functioning. Genetic interventions in invertebrates and in mammals, now support beneficial effects in life- and health-span of modulating components of the intracellular pathways responsible for proteostasis maintenance, chaperones and the proteolytic systems. Translation of these findings into humans requires: 1) characterization of changes in proteostasis in old organisms; 2) understanding the molecular mechanisms behind proteostasis loss in aging and 3) extensive testing of the effect of chemical and natural compounds on the proteostasis machinery and their future development into drugs. The Proteostasis of Aging Core (PAC) was created in response to these needs of the aging research community and, during its ten years in operation, has been providing reliable and highly validated services, state-of-the art methodology, expertise and cutting-edge knowledge related to proteostasis to internal and external E-NSC members and aging research groups worldwide.


Director: Ana Maria Cuervo MD PhD

Operations Manager: Antonio Diaz

Consultants: Dr. Evris Gavathiotis, Dr. Susmita Kaushik


  1. Assays
    • Autophagy profiling
    • LC3-II flux
    • Protein turnover
    • Electron microscopy and morphometry
    • Lysosomal functions
    • Enzymes assays
  2. Reagents and Samples
    • Autophagy antibody panel
    • Autophagy reporters
    • Lysosomal markers
  3. Consulting
    • Autophagy methods and assays (Dr. Susmita Kaushik)
    • Drug developments and design (Dr. Evris Gavathiotis)


Type of Service NSC Member Rate Others
Complete Protein Turnover analysis $600 $950
Protein synthesis (4 samples with triplicates) $200 $300
Protein degradation (1 type sample 6 conditions with triplicates) $500 $600
Type of Service NSC Member Rate Others
Macroautophagy (MA)
LC3 flux - immunoblot (8 conditions) $350 $550
mCherry-GFP-LC3 High content microscopy/96 well plate $600 $800
Mitophagy - immunofluorescence colocalization/8 well $300 $400
Lipophagy - immunofluorescence colocalization/8 well $500 $750
Em morphometric analysis of autophagic compartments*** $200 $300
Type of Service NSC Member Rate Others
KFERQ-Dendra - High content microscopy/96 well plate $600 $800
Lysomal Function
Lysosomal compartment – Lysotracker/ 8 well $250 $250
Lysosomal markers (panel) - Immunoblot $300 $600
Type of Service NSC Member Rate Others
Degron reporter – High content microscopy/ 96 –well plate $650 $950
Consultation on study design, methods, interpretation $95/hr $200/hr
Training in proteostasis analysis procedures $50/hr $--
Other Services
Customized analysis of proteostasis Negotiable Negotiable