Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Program

Volunteer & Interns

If interested in volunteering with our program, please submit the following materials in an email to Nilifa Desilva, Regulatory Coordinator,, and Bonnie Taylor Ph.D., Psychologist,

  1. Cover Letter
    The following questions are optional to answer in your Cover Letter:
    • What experience do you have experience in research?
    • What experience do you have working with people with special needs?
    • What are some of your best qualities?
    • What’s something that is not on your resume that will give us further insight into your abilities as:
    • A hard, detail-oriented, worker? A team player?
    • Someone who can work well with people with special needs?
    • Someone who is research minded?
  2. Resume or CV
    • Be sure to showcase your research and special needs experiences here.
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