Institute for Onco-Physics


The overall mission of the Institute for Onco-Physics is to apply the physical sciences to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cancer. To that end the institute houses research programs on experimental oncophysics, advanced functional MR imaging, SPECT/PET, optical imaging, therapeutic ultrasound, and radiation medicine. The institute’s interface with biology is in diagnosis of the invasive cancer phenotypes; functional MR imaging for stem cell engraftment and repopulation; regenerative medicine; tumor vaccines and immunology; tumor biology; and the biology of tumor ablation. The experimental oncophysics arm of the institute studies novel applications of therapeutic non-ionizing radiation modalities such as MR guided high intensity focused ultrasound and low intensity focused ultrasound for therapy, novel image guided approaches to mitigating normal tissue damage following radiation therapy, immune modulation, drug delivery, and stem cell therapeutic approaches. The radiation medicine research arm of the institute focuses on the research areas of radiogenomics, radiation systems biology, radioimmunolgy, regenerative medicine, and osteimmunology. The Institute’s research emphasizes investigator-initiated translational studies through its links to Einstein's Liver Center, the Gruss MR Center, the RadStem Center for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation, the Stem Cell Institute, the Departments of Pathology, Biochemistry, Genomics, Radiology, and Radiation Oncology.


  • Integrated scientific development institute within Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.
  • Institute is housed at Radiation Oncology Department but the scope of action involves the entire medical school community, including affiliated hospitals.
  • Institute will integrate radiation biology, radiation physics research, biotechnology development into synergistic research development lines.
  • Institute will collaborate and be an integral part of Albert Einstein Cancer Center.


  • To integrate radiation oncology, biology, physics and biotechnology research lines into one cohesive institute.
  • Promote research involving radiation medicine and biotechnology.
  • Promote research in advanced MR imaging for diagonis, treatment, and response monitoring of cancer
  • Promote research in novel therapeuitc modalities involving ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, such MR guided radiotherapy systems and MR guided High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Systems.
  • Promote advanced education and training in radiation therapy and related radiological sciences.
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