Leveraging Anaerobic Biochemistry for Novel Therapeutics

Tyler Grove

Tyler Grove, PhD

Assistant Professor

Forchheimer 305

Metalloenzymes catalyze some of the most complex chemical reactions found in Nature. The Grove lab studies and exploits a wide range of oxygen-sensitive metalloenzymes for fundamental mechanistic analysis, functional annotation and inhibitor/lead discovery. The primary focus of our lab is on catalytic iron-sulfur cluster (Fe/S) enzymes involved in human health and disease. To exploit these enzymes, the Grove lab utilizes a highly multi-disciplinary approach that includes a range of classical enzymology analyses, high-resolution crystallography, mass spectrometric methods, spectroscopic approaches (e.g., Mössbauer and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopies), and high-throughput inhibitor screening, that allow us to define the chemical and physical determinants responsible for substrate selectivity and reactivity. In addition, we take advantage of a variety of cell biological approaches, so as to move beyond the accrual of in vitro activities and to begin defining the complex in vivo biological functions. As a new lab, we have many projects in nascent stages:

  1. High-throughput drug discovery targeting anaerobic enzymes
  2. Metabolic profiling and optimization of novel antivirals
  3. Mechanistic understanding of Fe/S enzymes as a strategy for drug development
  4. Discovery of novel chemistry of radical SAM enzymes
  5. Anaerobic biochemistry involved in epigenetic reprogramming

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