Division of Cardiology

Cardiology Research Activity

Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute

Wilf Family Cardiovascular Research Institute investigators are working to better understand cardiovascular disease and to translate this knowledge into novel treatments to relieve suffering and improve human health. more info  

Cardiovascular Physiology and Imaging Core

Echocardiographic, blood pressure telemetry, and surgical services for funded investigators interested in cardiac and vascular structure and function in human and animal studies. more info  

Cardiovascular Research Center

Leading-edge studies to impact healthcare by reducing morbidity and promoting cardiovascular health. more info  

Richard N. Kitsis Laborary

Dr. Kitsis’ laboratory studies fundamental mechanisms of cell death and their role in cardiovascular disease. more info  

Thomas V. McDonald Laboratory

Dr. McDonald's laboratory studies the role of ion channel function in normal and disease states. more info  

Nicholas E. Sibinga laboratory

Dr. Sibinga's laboratory uses genetic approaches to study vascular remodeling, a complex biological response to changes in hemodynamics, metabolism, local and systemic inflammation, and physical injury. more info  

Research News & Multimedia

Minimizing Heart Attack Damage
Dr. Nikolaos Frangogiannis' research findings suggest that TGF-beta, a molecule involved in regulating immune and inflammatory responses as well as in tissue repair, is elevated after a heart attack, leading to fibrosis and to thickening and stiffening of the heart muscle.

Cardiogenetics in Action
Using sophisticated genetic sleuthing, Dr. Thomas McDonald and colleagues were able to recreate a young boy's arrhythmia-inducing genetic mutation, determine its physiological effect, and eliminate the need for an implantable cardiodefibrillator (ICD).

Heart Failure
Dr. Richard Kitsis on diagnosing heart failure, hopes for new treatments, and how medical advances have improved heart attack survival rates but paradoxically led to an increased incidence of heart failure.

A New Start
Dr. Mario Garcia details one patient's journey from heart attack and heart failure to a successful heart transplant.

Heart Disease and Heart Attack
Dr. Ileana Pina discusses risks of heart disease and signs of heart attack, particularly in women.

Escaping the Executioner Protein
Manipulation of the BAX protein could be a key factor in preventing heart muscle cell death.

The Value of Valve Repair
A recent study by Dr. Daniel Spevack measured the left ventricle after surgery to correct mitral regurgitation and confirmed its positive and lasting effects.

The Genetics of Sudden Death
Manipulation of the BAX protein could be a key factor in preventing heart muscle cell death.

Surprise Origin for Coronary Arteries Could Speed Advances in Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Bin Zhou's study of coronary artery growth during embryonic may speed development of regenerative therapies for heart disease.

Preventing Heart Disease (BronxNet-TV, June 27)
Dr. Robert Ostfeld discussed ways to prevent heart disease and Montefiore's new Cardiac Wellness Center.

Anticoagulation in heart failure (theheart.org, June 19)
Dr Ileana Piña discusses the findings of the WARCEF trial with Dr Shunichi Homma (Columbia University).

An Increase in Cardiac Catheterization Procedures (The Daily Iowan, April 25)
Mark Menegus, MD, Interventional Cardiology, Montefiore Einstein Center for Heart and Vascular Care, discusses the development of new procedures that have advanced the use of cardiac catheterization.

Einstein On: Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Richard Kitsis (4 chapters)

Einstein On: Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. Richard Kitsis (audio) (17:12)
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