Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Global Health Center (GHC) and the City University of New York School of Public Health and Health Policy (CUNY SPH) have joined together to develop an M.P.H. program specifically designed to fit into a gap year within the Einstein M.D. program. Composed of both online and in-person courses, the program will include a summer when students can complete an Einstein global health fellowship that would fulfill the CUNY SPH fieldwork requirement.

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Why an M.P.H.?

A combined M.D./M.P.H. degree program provides a base in medicine and public health that will equip graduates with the skills to address issues of health and wellness from the range of perspectives—individual patients, local communities, general populations—and assume leadership positions in these fields.

Featured story

Featured Story

Preparing the Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow

Thanks to a new joint program with CUNY, three students from Einstein’s Class of 2022 are the first to earn combined M.D./M.P.H. degrees.

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Program Information


Top-Ranked Program
CUNY SPH is a top-ranked school of public health, ranked second in New York State by U.S. News and World Report.

Location, Location, Location
CUNY SPH is located in upper Manhattan, a block from the 2 train, making it an easy commute from the Einstein campus.

CUNY SPH is far more affordable that other New York City options. As a public institution, Einstein students may qualify for in-state tuition. The approximate cost for the full M.P.H. degree would be under $25,000 for NYS residents. (Review requirements to qualify for in-state tuition on CUNY’s website.)

Einstein MD MPH students are eligible to apply for a CUNY Dean’s Scholarship: see more information at this link Scholarships & Fellowships - CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy.

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CUNY M.P.H. Concentrations Available:

Please note: While CUNY SPH offers five concentrations, these are the four available to Einstein M.D. students through our program.

Global Health Focus


Global Health Focus

Global health policy courses offered by CUNY SPH in its M.S. program can be taken as electives by students upon approval by their CUNY advisor. In addition to coursework, students are expected to conduct research during their gap year in collaboration with Einstein and CUNY faculty, with the goal to disseminate the results of the research by publishing a paper in a peer reviewed journal.

There are two entry points for Einstein students: as an MS1 or as an MS3.

Sequence for Student Entering as MS1:

Year 1

Fall-Spring: Einstein coursework

Summer: SPH coursework

  • Two (2) online courses taken on a non-matriculated basis
    • Up to 4 courses or 12 credits can be completed as a non-matriculated student and then transferred to the degree program once matriculated
  • CUNY SPH-approved fieldwork (including Einstein’s Global Health Fellowship)

Year 2

Einstein coursework

Year 3

Einstein coursework

Year 4

SPH coursework

  • Three (3) online courses taken on a matriculated basis
  • CUNY SPH-approved fieldwork (if not yet completed)
  • Complete CUNY SPH required courses on a matriculated basis
  • Take as an Einstein “Gap Year”

Year 5

Einstein coursework

Sequence for Student Entering as MS3:

Year 4

SPH coursework

Summer: Two (2) online courses


  • Three (3) online courses taken on a matriculated basis
  • CUNY SPH-approved fieldwork (if not yet completed)
  • Complete CUNY SPH required courses on a matriculated basis
  • Take as an Einstein “Gap Year”

Year 5

Einstein coursework

Application Process


CUNY Application Deadline: April 1

  • Submit fast-track application form
    • Must apply through dedicated Einstein portal on CUNY SPH site
    • Completed by student
    • Does not require transcripts
    • Einstein will confirm applicant is in good academic standing


CUNY Application Deadline: April 1

Application to CUNY SPH requires:

  • Update application form
  • Submission of unofficial Einstein transcript
  • Good academic standing at Einstein and 3.7 GPA in online CUNY SPH courses

Enrollment requirements are:

  • Meeting with an Einstein dean of students and a CUNY SPH advisor upon enrollment into the M.P.H. program to confirm degree requirements, course sequencing, and research plans
  • A minimum of once-per-semester meetings thereafter
Please note:

Einstein students who do not meet the criteria for the SPH fast-track application process may apply directly to CUNY SPH, which includes completing the standard application, paying the application fee, and having the application reviewed by the CUNY SPH Admissions Committee for decision.