Division of Hematology

Thrombosis Prevention & Treatment Program

The Montefiore Einstein Thrombosis Prevention and Treatment Program provides a comprehensive thrombophilia service and facilitates outpatient treatment for patients with acute thrombotic disease, serving over 4000 patients each year in the Coumadin Clinic and Hematology Specialty Faculty Practice.

Thrombosis Prevention and Treatment Program Candidates 

Patients are eligible for enrollment if there is a documented need for parenteral anticoagulation and there are no other underlying issues that require hospital admission or continued hospital stay.

Eligible patients can include:

  1. Patients with deep venous thrombosis
  2. Patients with stable pulmonary emboli
  3. Pregnant women who are referred for long-term anticoagulation
  4. Patients who would require earlier admission for parenteral anticoagulation prior to a planned procedure or operative intervention
  5. Patients with cardiac indications, high risk atrial fibrillation, mural thrombi, intracardiac device implantations or valvular disease

Treatment Strategy

A team specializing in thrombotic disorders assesses each individual patient for suitability and sets up an individualized treatment plan including evaluation, training and education sessions. Over 1000 patients are assessed yearly.

After discharge, these patients communicate daily with their TP2 specialist, who monitors both parenteral and oral co-administration of anticoagulants and advises on dosing therapy while checking for any current or potential adverse events. Once patients are optimized and stable levels of anticoagulation are achieved, they are referred back to their own physician for routine maintenance. The Thrombosis Treatment and Prevention Program also investigates, at the physicians’ or patient’s request, patients and their families with suspected thrombophilia.

Over 3,000 patients have been able to return earlier to their families under the close observation of this aspect of the program.

Comprehensive Family Care Center Coumadin Clinic (CFCC-CC)
1621 Eastchester Road, 2nd Floor
Bronx, NY 10461

Family Care Center (FCC)
3444 Kossuth Avenue, 4th Floor
Bronx, NY 10467


The Thrombosis Prevention and Treatment Program have dedicated Coumadin Clinics at the CFCC (Comprehensive Family Care Center) and FCC (Family Care Center), where patients receive state-of-the-art ambulatory monitoring of their anticoagulation status and adjustments to dosing after evaluation of their clinical status. Rapid on-site testing enables quick visits allowing patients to continue with their lives while ensuring that they are being treated therapeutically. Patients are evaluated for any symptomatology and their coumadin anticoagulant dosages are adjusted as required for optimum therapy. The clinic sees approximately 50-60 patients during each weekly session. Over 3000 patients are seen yearly.

A Hematology Specialty Faculty Practice is held at MMP 2-3 sessions/week.

This referral-only service specializes in hematologic problems ranging from hemoglobinopathies and thrombosis/hemorrhagic issues to chronic myeloproliferative or lymphoproliferative disorders and complex anemias. The service is staffed by board-certified hematologists who maintain interactions with both the CFCC hematology and coumadin clinics and with the TP2 program.


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