The Office of Medical Education, headed by Dr. Joshua Nosanchuk, Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, oversees all aspects of the planning, monitoring, and delivery of the medical education Curriculum at Einstein. The deans, directors, and staff of the Office of Medical Education bring many years of experience and dedication to the tasks of managing curricular content and ensuring its efficient delivery, providing appropriate electronic resources to enhance both faculty teaching and student learning, monitoring educational outcomes through a comprehensive program of course and clerkship evaluation, addressing the needs of our under-represented minority medical students, and providing faculty with the resources to enhance their skills as medical educators.

Senior Associate Dean, Josh Nosanchuk, M.D.

Message from our Senior Associate Dean, Josh Nosanchuk, M.D.

I am thrilled to welcome you to MD education at Einstein! Our innovative curriculum integrates basic, health system, and clinical sciences throughout the student experience. The preclerkship curriculum is rich in interdisciplinary foundational biomedical sciences and systems-based courses. Importantly, Einstein students regularly and actively tackle challenging topics, such as health equity and social justice, which are major issues that patients in our Bronx communities routinely face. Our courses on service learning and scholarship build skills that foster professionalism, scholarship and advocacy as well as focusing on fostering collaboration with diverse individuals and groups. The introduction to clinical medicine course provides early and frequent experiences in doctor-patient communication, physical examination, and diagnostic skills, and highlights the need to individualize care to holistically support each patient. The clerkship year immerses students in our healthcare systems where they are actively included in all aspects of care. With the skills learned throughout their clerkships, senior students serve in an intern-like role with primary responsibility for their assigned patients during their two month-long acting internships. There are also myriad opportunities for individualization throughout the curriculum, from electives, volunteer activities, research experiences and global health program. Einstein students also regularly extend their tenure at Einstein to 5 years in order to pursue a Masters Degree in Clinical and Translational Research, Public Health, or Bioethics as well as to take a year for a global health or other research experience.

I am regularly deeply humbled by and extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students- from research publications to volunteerism to advocacy activities to leadership roles in national societies and more. The Einstein graduate is a compassionate, team-oriented critical thinker who understands health promotion and disease management. The Einstein graduate demonstrates competence in seven key roles: healer, scientist, advocate, educator, colleague, role model, and lifelong learner.

I am excited to share more about our exciting educational opportunities! My door is (almost) always open!

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During their tenure at Einstein, MD students experience all aspects of the Einstein campus. Most lectures occur in the auditoriums dedicated for MS1 (Riklis) and MS2 (Robbins) students. Active learning occurs in our Education Center, Belfer classrooms, Lubin center, Anatomy Laboratories and Clinical Skills Center. The educational spaces are regularly updated to provide an outstanding learning environment. Clinical experiences are at Montefiore Medical Center and Jacobi, our major affiliates, as well as additional clinical sites in our diverse community. Students also engage in Global Health, including research, public health work and patient care activities.

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