Review Paper: Translational/Basic Science Review

Students may choose to write a comprehensive review article as first author discussing and analyzing an aspect of recently published data on a specific topic related to Translational/Basic Science. The topic must be approved by your mentor, and you should work closely with them to outline the scope of your efforts and research question. The comprehensive review should reflect a topic of significant interest to the field and be suitable for publication.

The comprehensive review article should have the following components:

  • A brief introduction stating the purpose of the review and why it is an important topic.
  • A detailed and scholarly synthesis of the existing published data on the topic, and the context in which these data fit into a bigger picture.
  • A discussion of some of the difficulties and unanswered questions that need to be addressed going forward with this type of research.
  • A brief, scholarly Conclusion summarizing the significance of what is known to date.
  • A Bibliography

This type of review should be 25-30 double-spaced pages with some figures and/or schematics tying the information together. This differs from other research papers, but is suitable as an SP.