Office of Academic Appointments

Research Professor Track

Suggested Guidelines for Appointment or Promotion to Senior Rank

The Research Professor Track is a non-tenure track reserved for members of the Einstein faculty with a Ph.D. or M.D. and who play an important supportive role in the genesis, conduct and reporting of research findings. The Research Professor is considered an essential member of the team carrying out the research.

Appointment in the Research Professor Track is reserved for faculty who shows an ongoing commitment to basic, pre-clinical, epidemiological, statistical or clinical research in a supportive or fundamental role and may be a P.I., Co-P.I., Co-Investigator or Key Personnel on funded grants. There shall be contribution to the development and writing of research proposals; they may have administrative or "hands-on" responsibilities for major research core facilities; or organization of essential research service, laboratory testing protocol or a field site in a clinical research program. There shall be co-authorship on peer-reviewed hypothesis-driven publications, predominantly as other than first or senior author, or as first author on peer-reviewed publications, participation on writing committees of collaborative multicenter studies, evidence of authorship on other scholarly research papers such as a report of baseline study design or brief research reports, book chapters, reviews or other non-peer reviewed reports. There shall be some local and national recognition as an invited speaker at rounds or research seminars as well as evidence of participation as a course leader, preceptor, conference contributor for research-focused programs or courses or supportive role as research mentor of fellows, post-docs and students.

Recommendation to the Research Professor Track is made to the senior ranks of:

  • Research Professor of…
  • Research Associate Professor of…

One can be appointed as a Research Assistant Professor on this track at the discretion of the chair. Under ordinary circumstances, a faculty member can ascend in rank within this track. Under appropriate extraordinary circumstances, on recommendation of the chair and approval of the Dean, as well as Committee on Appointments and Promotions, one may move to another track or into this one. Appointment or promotion to senior rank requires recommendation by the chair and is subject to review and approval by the Committee on Appointments and Promotions.

Research Professor Track Checklist