The Institute for Advanced Study in the Life Sciences is based on a simple but powerful premise: that to effectively provide answers to the major scientific problems in the life sciences facing researchers today, there must be much greater integration between pure scientific inquiry and the humanities.

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Mission Statement

The real unity is to be achieved by a common sense of intellectual purpose – by actual projects, by reminders that we really are working on related matters, not diverging into two cultures of techies versus fuzzies. We ought to aim at integration that respects the values of existing disciplines, however, not on the expense of having a whole which is less the sum of its part though; what we aim at is Breadth without Dilettantism.

Aviv Bergman

Message from the Director

When defining academic communities, the interesting dividing line, following C. P. Snow, is “not what the humanities share that distinguishes them from science, instead, one that cuts across departments and disciplinary matrices.” It divides people busy conforming to well-understood paradigm boundaries, from community of people trying to expand their own moral imagination, to enlarge the sense of what is possible and important - at the expense of living with uncertainty.

Aviv Bergman, Ph.D.
Yaron Tomer

Institute Structure/Organization

Science advances by employing both precision, that is critical for data collection and analysis, as well as holistic thinking that is key to creating broader ties across disciplines. The Institute aims at balancing precision with a holistic, generalist approach, with the goal to lead a more robust scientific inquiry, specifically in the biomedical sciences.

Dean Yaron Tomer, M.D.

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