Center Leadership Team

Center Leadership Team

New Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

NYC RING Convocation

Annual convocation sharing research with the community of clinicians, investigators, and learners in the NYC RING practice-based research network
New Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Diabetes Prevention Program for Men

Male lifestyle coaches with researchers in the Power Up for Health Study

Center Overview

Strategic Vision

  • The NY Regional CDTR is designed to increase collaboration and enhance communication among investigators from multiple institutions and diverse disciplines (click to drop down)
  • Through collaborations with other funded CDTR’s across the country, as well as the growth of its resources and members, the NY Regional CDTR can promote research efforts to span the translational spectrum and various levels of social-ecological issues.
  • The enhanced CDTR resources energize and accelerate dissemination of effective community, individual, clinical, and public health programs.

Unifying Themes

  • Focusing on health equity addresses differences in population health status that can be traced to unequal economic and social conditions that are systematic and avoidable.
  • Using a biopsychosocial approach integrates diabetes and obesity translational research though consideration of biological, psychological and social determinants of health and disease.

Diabetes Translation Research Support Through Core Resources

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