Center for Epigenomics


The mission of the Center for Epigenomics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is to study functional and cellular genomics.

We are pursuing two cellular models for human disease. One is the conventional idea that cells change characteristics in response to DNA sequence variation or environmentally-mediated transcriptional regulatory changes. The other is by altering the repertoire of cell subtypes in a tissue, what we have referred to as ‘polycreodism’.

The Center provides two major resources to study functional and cellular genomics, an Epigenomics Shared Facility and a Computational Genomics Core Facility. The combination of these resources allows genome-wide experiments to be performed with automated data analysis, facilitating the ability of the investigator to study their biological question of interest.

Our goal is to make it easy to perform studies of the properties of the genome, opening up this field of research for non-specialists. The Center supports a wide spectrum of research interests, but has as a major goal the support of studies of the role of the mechanisms of human disease.

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