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Einstein Enrichment Program

Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP) is part of a New York State–funded enrichment program called STEP (Science Technology Entry Program). Its mission is to serve minority and/or economically disadvantaged high school students who have been historically underrepresented in the medical and scientific professions. The program meets two afternoons a week for two 15-week sessions, and an optional 6-week session meeting on Monday through Thursday in the summer. The components of EEP include: fall professional seminars, teen action planning (service learning), academic enrichment including SAT and Regents prep and summer internship placements with stipends.



  • Be U.S. citizens or permanent residents 
  • Be New York State residents for twelve months prior to application 
  • Live in and attend school in the Bronx 
  • Have a GPA of 85% or higher; and good attendance and school history 
  • Have an interest in pursuing a field in medicine, health and/or science 
  • Be a member of a minority group that is defined by the state as having been historically underrepresented in the licensed professions 
  • Be someone whose family's economic status meets the state's definition of "economically disadvantaged" based on income and family size. 


Applications are available in March. You can request an application at   




Alicia Martinez, Ed.D., M.S.O.L
Einstein Enrichment Program
Office of Diversity Enhancement
Phone: 718.430.4166

Twitter:  EEP-STEP

Facebook: EEP STEP

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