Montefiore Einstein Department of Medicine

History of the Department of Medicine

Albert Einstein at dinner attended by Nathaniel Goldstein and Samuel Belkin. (full image
Irving London, MD
Leslie Bernstein, MD
Harold Adel, MD
Barry Brenner, MD
Stephan Kamholz, MD
James Scheuer, MD
David Hamerman, MD
Victor Schuster, MD
Milford Fulop, MD
The Montefiore Einstein Mission

The Early Days (1955-1980)
56 medical students, a small outstanding young faculty, 1 science building, 1 teaching hospital: how the Department began.

The Middle Years (1980-1999)
Uniting the Departments of Medicine at Einstein and Montefiore: challenges, transitions, and triumphs in research and medical education.

The End of the Beginning
A dramatically different Department of Medicine at the end of the 20th century.

About This Section 

This section is based on a series of three articles written by Milford Fulop and James Scheuer, originally published in Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine, 2004: Volume 20, Number 2.

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