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Center for the Aging Brain Offers Uniquely Comprehensive Care for Patients, Caregivers

Dr. Joe Verghese Geriatrics Neurology Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center Bronx NY
Joe Verghese, MB, BS

Montefiore Einstein's newly launched Center for the Aging Brain, launched in June 2014 under the direction of world-renowned neurologist Joe Verghese, MB, MS, capitalizes on the Integrated Divisions of Cognitive & Motor Aging in the Department of Neurology and Geriatrics in the Department of Medicine, offering treatments based on advanced research and studies into the aging brain.

The Center's unique comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment approach provides evaluation and treatment for illnesses and quality-of-life issues associated with aging by a team of specialists in the fields of geriatrics, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, neuropsychology and psychiatry.

"Many aging centers offer neurological assessments only," said Dr. Rubina Malik, a geriatrician who sees patients at the Center two days a week. "Our comprehensive assessments are specific for the patient's needs and include assessment not only for cognition, but also gait and function, psychological state, complex disease management, end-of-life issues, caregiver stress, long-term care planning, and need for additional resources."

Dr. Rubina Malik Geriatrics Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center Bronx NY
Rubina Malik, MD

People who fall outside the traditional "geriatric" category also benefit from the Center's services--those who are younger but who have dementia, or caregivers in need of support themselves--according to Dr. Malik. "We address issues of how to take care of mom and dad for the long term, how to keep them stimulated now and slow down cognitive impairments, and how to keep them from falling," she said. "Our Center can connect patients and their caregivers with support services that primary care physicians in the community are unaware of, such as home care, rehab, and day care programs."

By directing patients and family members to occupational therapists, physical therapists, senior day programs, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, physicians at the Center offer life-changing interventions that improve older and adults' health and ability to remain active members of their communities.

"By providing a patient specific comprehensive assessment and additional support for the caregivers, we help both patients and their families enjoy a better quality of life," said Dr. Malik.

Published September 5, 2014

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