The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

General Neurology

Director: Michael L. Swerdlow, M.D.

Division Contact Information
Dolores Silva
Phone: 718-920-4178
Carol Lacalamito
Phone: 718-920-4730
Paula Corrente
Phone: 718-920-4931 

Mission: We provide comprehensive clinical evaluation and treatment including office and in-patient care. Our clinical staff has expertise and vast experience in all types of neurologic illness including seizure disorders, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal disorders, muscle disorders, dementing illness, myasthenia gravis, and movement disorders including Parkinson's disease.

There are a variety of sub-specialty groups for headache, seizures and sleep disorders all staffed by experts in these fields.

We are confident in our ability to offer the finest care in clinical neurology.