The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology


Director: David M. Masur, Ph.D.

Division Contact Information
David Masur, Ph.D., Ronda Facchini, Ph.D., John McGinley,Ph.D.
Phone: 718-944-1832
Fax: 718-944-1940
To make an appointment, contact Julie at the above number.

The Division of Neuropsychology provides comprehensive clinical neuropsychological services aimed at aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders that may result from a wide variety of neurological and/or psychological problems. Our division evaluates both children and adults with disorders such as Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Epilepsy, and Dementia. We are also very active in clinical research, and perform neurocognitive assessments in studies of seizure disorders as well as chronic renal disease in children. Our service also performs specialty evaluations such as language localization and mapping for Epilepsy surgery patients.We have three licensed neuropsychologists, all of who maintain an active clinical practice as well as provide training to graduate students within our program.

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