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Neurology DEI Committee


“Furthering our legacy of equity. To be a safe, inclusive, and just institution of medicine, science, and education that attracts, supports, and promotes people and voices from historically marginalized groups, actively counters exclusionary and oppressive systems, and centers our diverse Bronx community and beyond as we pursue responsive science and health equity.”
-Office of Diversity and Inclusion Vision, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion @ Montefiore Einstein Neurology


The Montefiore Einstein Department of Neurology prioritizes fostering an inclusive environment for students, trainees, faculty and support staff from diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

We embrace diversity and take pride in serving one of the most diverse patient population in the country.
We achieve this with ongoing department education, reflection, and connection to deepen our understanding as practicing clinicians, researchers, and partners with our patients and community. Here are some highlights: 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

Our committee includes representation from faculty, staff, trainees, physician assistants and with feedback from stakeholders from outside the department, the team works to fulfil the mission of a platform that:

  1. Strives to improve the lives of those we serve through clinical neurology that is sensitive to race, culture, faith, self-identity and standing
  2. Contributes to the national and international efforts to diminish racial disparities related to neurological disorders through research
  3. Attracts, retains, and promotes diversity in the workplace, and grows the current and future generation of medical professionals to build on a vision toward greater health equity.

Neurology DEI programing and events

Our committee has started a series of and DEI townhalls and wellness workshops for both house staff and faculty.
We have incorporated a series of DEI n focused speakers into the Neurology Grand Rounds schedule to highlight social, systemic, and healthcare topics to compliment out academic program in neurology.

Our new NeuroDEI book club, “Central Nucleus”, is meeting throughout the year covering cultural discrimination, xenophobia, systemic racism in the medical system and how to begin the work of becoming an ally for both colleagues and your community.


Scholarly work and Advocacy

Our Neuroscience program includes over 29 NIH funded active research protocols and many other active studies involving epilepsy, headache, neuro-oncology, stroke, dementia, movement disorders, and other areas.

Many of our faculty members and academic divisions feature scholarly work focusing on the influence of patient backgrounds on neurological disease.

Our Neurology DEI committee aims to promote success of ongoing and future clinical trials, with a focus on efficiency of clinical study set up, implementation, recruitment, and retention.

Faculty members also participate in local and national advocacy initiatives in the American Academy of Neurology and many subspecialty societies to ensure patients from all backgrounds with neurological disorders receive the care they deserve.

Our program and faculty were featured in the Tour 4 Diversity panel on the “Road to Neurology Residency.”

Community Outreach

Partnerships with many institution-wide initiatives to connect to our diverse communities and to understand the influence of sociodemographic factors in clinical care and in research. Partners include Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Office of Community & Population Health, and partners in the clinical neurosciences.

Striving to work alongside our institution initiatives as a leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality

Complimenting institution education and cultural awareness initiatives in our department



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