The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Conference Schedule

Neurology Conference Schedule Academic Year 2022-2023 

  Morning (8-9 AM) Noon Conference Afternoon
Monday   Rotating Lectures  
Tuesday Neuroanatomy (Juniors)    
  Journal Club (Seniors)    
  Movement Disorders video tutorials    
Wednesday Neuromuscular Conference Rotating Lectures  
Thursday Grand Rounds    
Friday Case Conference   Headache Conference
  Epilepsy Conference    
Rotating Lectures: DEI and various neurological subspecialties    

Grand Rounds Calendar  Grand Rounds Events List 


Department of Neurology Summer Lecture Series  

Speaker Lecture Topic
Milstein Welcome Orientation
  July 4th
Antoniello Mental Status
Napier Cranial Nerve Exam
Chuang Movement Exam
Bahou Peripheral Anatomy/Exam
Milstein Consults
Otlivanchik Neurologic Imaging in Stroke
Labovitz Introduction to Stroke
Kirchoff Acute Ischemic Stroke - I
Kirchoff Acute Ischemic Stroke - II
Milstein Professionalism
Antoniello Stroke Syndromes
Ocava ICH
Mabie Diagnostic Reasoning
Napier Myopathies: acquired myopathies and how to approach elevated CKs
Ahmed Sleep/Fatigue
Gluck  MS in the ED
Swerdlow Myasthenia Gravis
Polavarapu Status Epilepticus
Gursky 1st Lifetime Seizure
Parihar Movement Disorder
Milstein Spinal Cord Emergency 
Boro EMU
Stroke Stroke Simulation Day
Gursky PNES
  (faculty meeting)
Bieri Vestibular
Moshe EEG
Cohen Introduction to Dementia
Boro Ceribell
Milstein Resident Meeting
Mabie Neuroinfectious Disease
Ballaban Gil Pediatric Neurology Exam
Ballaban Gil Pediatric Neurology Emergency
Neurology Attendings Academic Half Day: Procedures
Gursky Breakthrough seizure management
Lipton Biostatistics Review
Lipton Study Design