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graduationApplicants who are certain that Einstein is their first-choice school and whose qualifications, both academic and non-cognitive are outstanding, are encouraged to apply as early decision applicants. As such they may apply only to Einstein.

Applications for early decision must be submitted to AMCAS by August 1. All supporting documentation and letters of recommendation must be submitted no later than August 15. MCATS should be taken no later than July 15 prior to making application. An interview is required of all applicants under serious consideration for admission.

Applicants may make an appointment to speak with the Financial Aid Office by contacting stufin@einsteinmed.edu

All applicants will be notified of the decision of the Committee on Admissions by October 1. Successful students must accept the position offered. Students who are not accepted to the Early Decision Program will be considered with the regular applicant pool and may make application to any other medical school. 

The official Einstein policy document can be found here. 

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