TeachingStar at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Albert Einstein College of Medicine values the critical role that residents, graduate students, fellows, nurses, midwives, community members and our many highly valued members of the broader healthcare team play in the education of our medical students. This portal provides several resources to develop and enhance teaching and assessment skills when working with medical students and other learners in a variety of settings.

  1. TOLD ME (To Learn & Develop for Medical Educators) Podcast from Dr. Lisa Coplit at the Frank Netter School of Medicine

    Topics Include: Feedback, Evaluation, Teaching in a busy clinical practice, Mistreatment and microaggressions, Racism in medicine, Teaching evidence based medicine, Mentorship, Improving teaching of technical skills, and Leadership

  2. Zucker School of Medicine Faculty Webinars from Dr. Alice Fornari

    Topics Include: Learning environment, Coaching/Feedback, Clinical reasoning, and Learning in the OR.

Contact Us

For questions or further information regarding the EINSTEIN TEACHINGSTAR program please contact the Office of Medical Education at Ome@einsteinmed.edu or the Office of Graduate Medical Education, at officeofgraduatemedicaleducation@montefiore.org.