Office of Academic Appointments

Senior Rank Appointments

Appointment or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor is reserved for individuals who have made academic contributions of distinction. Creative scholarship, distinguished teaching and distinguished clinical service (where appropriate) are principle requisites for such designation. While tangible distinction should be demonstrated in at least one aspect of academic activity in which the individual is engaged, it is generally expected that the individual's contributions to the tasks of this medical school be in the areas of research, teaching, clinical, and administrative activities.

Among the criteria for academic distinction, the achievement of national (or international) recognition will be given considerable weight.

Promotion is not usually considered before the individual has spent at least 5 years in his or her current rank at Einstein, or an equivalent rank at another institution. However, promotion can occur earlier in instances of exceptional academic contribution.

The senior ranks are comprised of six separate tracks: the Investigator Track (formerly the Unmodified), Physician Investigator Track, Clinician-Educator Track (CET), Research Professor Track, Staff Scientist Track and Educator Track. The individual tracks recognize different types of academic accomplishments but are equal in all respects. General guidelines for promotion or appointment to these ranks in all of the tracks have been established at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The departmental review committee evaluates each individual being considered for appointment or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor and submits its recommendation to the Dean. In addition, two school-wide Committees on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) are charged with the responsibility of reviewing these recommendations and making an endorsement to the Dean. The CAP for Associate Professors consists of Associate Professors and possibly Professors; the CAP for Professors is made up entirely of Professors. The review by CAP includes solicitations of internal and external evaluations, with assessment of the quality and quantity of research, teaching, clinical, and administrative activities.

The determination to recommend an individual faculty member for appointment or promotion in a particular track should be based on consultation between the departmental chair and the individual faculty member, followed by the endorsement of the departmental review committee. The Einstein Committees on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) does not have the authority to change the track in which an individual faculty member is recommended for promotion by the departmental chairperson.

Senior Visiting or Adjunct Appointments:

Individuals who hold a faculty appointment at another medical school and who are visiting here at Einstein for some brief defined period of time may be proposed to a visiting senior rank. In this case, the appointment as a Visiting Professor or Visiting Associate Professor will be limited to a one year term, unless they are presented before the Committee on Appointments and Promotions.

An Adjunct designation may be used for individuals with a faculty appointment at another medical school, who by virtue of their teaching and/or research activities, also fulfill the criteria for appointment to the Einstein faculty. The length of appointment should parallel the appointment and reappointment term commensurate with the rank granted.