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Einstein is committed to providing a secure environment for its faculty, staff, postdocs, students and visitors. Toward that goal, Einstein uses the platform Everbridge for disseminating mass notifications during emergencies and when testing the notification system.

Whenever we send an emergency notification through Everbridge, you may receive a combination of e-mail, voice, and text/SMS messages. Each message format includes a receipt confirmation component. Some may contain instructions you need to follow for your safety. By confirming receipt of a particular message, you signal the system to stop sending subsequent attempts to any of your additional contact options. Providing multiple options ensures that we can reach you wherever you may be.

If you have already registered to receive emergency notifications through Everbridge but need to update your contact information, use this link to make your changes.

If you are new to Einstein or have not yet registered with Everbridge, please e-mail to request an invitation to sign up. An e-mail will be sent with the link that will allow you to enter your contact information. Please provide your Einstein email address and Banner number when requesting registration.

Students and postdocs who have non-Einstein spouses or child caretakers on campus who you wish to be notified in the event of a campus emergency can also e-mail the above address to have those individuals registered with Everbridge. Please include the name of the Einstein spouse, significant other, or nanny; name of the Einstein student class year, and e-mail address.“

To be sure you can recognize when an emergency notification from Everbridge is sent, we recommend saving “893-61” in your cell phone, and identify it as “Everbridge” or “Emergency Notice.”


How do I respond? Everbridge

By Email
Email * The e-mail will be sent from: "EVERBRIDGE"
* Read the entire message.
* Click the link provided within the e-mail to confirm receipt of the message.
By Telephone / Voice
Phone * You must press "1" after the system greeting to hear the message.
* The main content of the communications will follow.
* To confirm receipt of the message, Press "1" a final time.
By Voicemail Dial-Back
Voicemail * A Voicemail will contain a dial-back number with a one-time pin.
* Call the number and enter the numeric pin to confirm receipt of the message.
* This dial back will confirm your receipt of the message.
By SMS / Text
Text * You will receive a text message on your mobile phone or PDA.
* Read the entire message and select reply from your device.
* Reply with "Yes" and send to confirm receipt of message.

Communications will be sent using Everbridge to help protect members of our Einstein community and our campus facilities. We will also use the system to conduct occasional tests to assure that the system is functioning properly, and to familiarize members of our campus community with the messaging that will be sent.

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