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Situational Awareness

Einstein is committed to providing a secure environment for its faculty, staff, postdocs, students and visitors. An important part of assuring security is making sure you have the knowledge and tools to respond to and protect yourself in the event of an emergency situation, be it a fire, natural disaster, bomb threat or shooting. Whether on campus or in other settings where large groups of people assemble, the resources and educational videos provided here can help you prepare for an emergency situation—in this case, an active shooter—that might occur on our campus, or anywhere else you may be. Our aim is to reduce your anxiety and raise your level of preparedness and awareness.

The educational videos below, and other resources on this page, will help you prepare for an emergency situation that might occur on our campus, or anywhere else you may be.

Homeland Security Active Shooter 

Options for Consideration demonstrates possible actions to take if confronted with a active shooter scenario. The instructive video reviews the choices of evacuating, hiding, or, as an option of last resort, challenging the shooter. The video also shows how to assist authorities once law enforcement enters the scene.


Active Shooter/Weapon (by Yale)  

Active Shooter in a Hospital Setting  

steps to take
Determine whether to run, hide or fight
Call 911 and/or x4111 to report emergency
Identify at least two escape routes
Watch for emergency messaging/follow instructions
Silence your cell phone 

Additional Resources

Staying Safe on Campus

Register/Update Everbridge - To register for the first time, send an e-mail from your Einstein account to; if you have registered and wish to update information, click here.

In an Emergency - Become familiar with common jargon and campus location names used when communicating about emergency situations.

Lockdown Procedure - If a lockdown is called for, know what to do.

Helpful Security Tips – View these security tips to stay safe and protect your belongings.  


Other Helpful Information

View the links below for information from the City of New York and Homeland Security that can be helpful to your safety preparations on campus or anywhere you may travel.

NYC Resources

Department of Homeland Security Resources

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