Environmental Health & Safety


Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) consists of a group of specialists and experts in the field of biological, radiation, industrial and fire safety. We also have an excellent support staff to assist in achieving the main goal of our office, to protect people, the environment and property. We accomplish this by recognizing, evaluating and controlling occupational and environmental hazards to minimize or eliminate risks to reduce the environmental impact of the staff, faculty and student activities. We provide a vast number of personnel trainings in the areas of biological, chemical, environmental, fire, and occupational safety. We are constantly conducting evaluations and inspections of work areas and laboratories as regulated by local, state and federal agencies. We are located on the 8th Floor of the Forchheimer Building in room 800. The main number is 718-430-4150. Please feel free to contact us for all your safety questions and concerns.


"Working Safely Together"


EH&S Staff