Important Terms to Know/Understand

In an Emergency

Important Things to Know/Understand

Your safety is our priority. During an emergency situation, it can be chaotic and emotions can run high. The information on this site offers some guidance on what you can do in given situations. It also offers practical information that can help you be better prepared in advance. Review the information to assure your safety and familiarity with various procedures in an emergency.

Campus Map


  • Sign up for Everbridge to receive emergency information via text messaging and email.
  • Complete the Situational Awareness Webinar.
  • Remain aware of your surroundings at all times.
  • Know your evacuation routes.
  • Follow the instructions of security personnel and emergency notifications.


When an emergency situation occurs, knowing what to do and being prepared to act can make a difference. Following are some suggestions on what to do in the event of:


  • If you smell or see smoke, notify Security at x4111 or EHS at x4150
  • If you see smoke filling the air or see fire, pull alarm station, call 911 and notify Security
  • In the event of a fire alarm, all occupants of the building are expected to evacuate until further notice


  • Immediately evacuate the area
  • Call EHS at x4150 and Security at x4111, and follow their instructions
  • If injuries have occurred, call 911 immediately


  • The NYC office of emergency management will activate warning signals in the affected areas
  • Stay away from disaster areas
  • Follow the advice and instructions broadcast over the radio/TV Emergency Warning System
  • If evacuation is required, leave the building and proceed to the assembly area, which will be sent through Einstein’s emergency notification system


  • Remain calm and provide assistance to others, if necessary
  • Move cautiously to a lighted area, follow exit signs

If you have any questions, please contact Environmental Health & Safety by calling x4150. 


Terms You May See or Hear

In the event of an emergency, our emergency notification system will be activated, and you will be sent texts, e-mails and/or voicemails with information and directions that you must react to. Be sure to keep monitoring all electronic communications throughout the emergency. Following are some terms you may see and what they mean:

  • “Shelter in place” or “Stay in place” –When you see either of these terms in an emergency message stay exactly where you are. Do not go to tell others. Do not go to collect your belongings. Simply stay where you are when you receive the message. (If you are not on campus, do not come to the campus.)
  • “Evacuate immediately” – Leave where you are at once. Do not gather belongings. Simply GET OUT and follow directions from authorities such as police or other first responders. This term is often paired with “Do not use the elevators.” Be aware of where the nearest stairway is.
  • “Silence your phone” –While you will want to silence the RING-TONE, you will want to keep your PHONE ON. Having the ring-tone off prevents the individual(s) who may possibly be causing the emergency from hearing your phone and being alerted of your location. Keeping your phone on allows you to continue to receive messages and stay informed.

Knowing Your Place on Campus

Become familiar with the layout of campus and building names so you are prepared during an emergency to be able to travel easily from one point on campus to another.


Belfer Education Center – Most often referred to as Belfer, this building has two bridge floors connecting to Forchheimer. It also connects to Forchheimer via the basement.

Belfer Education Center
  • Riklis Auditorium – Located in the basement of Belfer. It may be called “Riklis” when abbreviated.
  • Belfer Loading Dock – This small parking lot off at the rear of Belfer offers an alternate entry/exit point to/from Belfer and Forchheimer.

Forchheimer Medical Science Building – Known as Forchheimer, this building has bridge floors connecting to Ullmann and Belfer. It is a main hub of the campus, so it offers multiple alternate routes if an entrance is shut down during an emergency. It also offers access to the Central Courtyard.

Forchheimer Medical Science Building
  • “Main Street” – Main hallway leading from Forchheimer lobby to Robbins Auditorium, Max & Sadie Lounge, Central Courtyard, MRRC and Chanin.
  • Robbins Auditorium – Accessible from the ground floor and first floor (via library); also offers access on two levels to the Central Courtyard.
  • D. Gottesman Library – Accessible from lobby of Forchheimer.
  • Glass Café – Accessible from lobby of Forchheimer and rear entrance, near Robbins.
  • Max & Sadie Lounge – Accessible on two levels: At rear entrance of Forchheimer, leading to Robbins, and off or auditorium and passageway to MRRC and Chanin.
  • Einstein Café – Accessible off of parking area off of rear entrance to Forchheimer
  • Education Center – These rooms near the lobby of Forchheimer and off of “Main Street” are located on two levels. Specific room numbers may be noted, depending on where you might be directed to go.
  • Board of Overseers Room – Located off of “Main Street” and adjacent to the Education Center.

Golding Building – Known as Golding, this building can only be accessed from within other campus buildings. It connects directly to Forchheimer. It can be used as an exit point, when needed.

Chanin Institute for Cancer Research – Commonly referred to as Chanin, this building has bridge floors connecting with Forchheimer. From its elevator lobby, one may also get to Weiler Hospital and a stairway down to the street.


Ullmann Center for Research – Known as Ullmann, this building has bridge floors connecting with Forchheimer. It also offers access to the Central Courtyard, the MRRC and Block (formerly Mazer).


Block Building (formerly Mazer) – Block – not to be confused with Price Center/Block Research Pavilion – shares the Central Courtyard with Forchheimer, the MRRC, Ullmann and Block. It has a parking lot on its back side.

Block Building (formerly Mazer)
  • Lubin Dining Hall – Located inside of Block, Lubin is where the central cafeteria is located. The courtyard outside is sometimes called Lubin Courtyard because of its proximity to the dining hall. That is not an official name.
  • Singer Faculty Club – This dining room and conference room with outdoor patio is generally used for special occasions.

Central Courtyard – The green space where special events often are held, and which offers outdoor seating during nice weather, is located in between Forchheimer, Ullmann, the MRRC and Block.

Gruss Magnetic Resonance Research Center (MRRC) – This facility is located along the passageway between Max & Sadie Lounge and Chanin.



Price Center/Block Research Pavilion – This major research facility is located on the opposite side of Morris Park Avenue from the south campus buildings. It includes an internal passageway connecting to Van Etten, as well as numerous entries/exits.

Le Frak Auditorium – The auditorium is located off the main lobby of Price Center and is considered part of the Block Research Pavilion.

Atrium – This part of the building, considered part of the Block Research Pavilion, is on the lower level.

Van Etten Building – Known as Van Etten, this building can be accessed from several entry points outside, as well as an internal passageway from Price Center/Block Research Pavilion.


Falk Recreation Center – Often shortened to Falk, the campus’ gymnasium is located between Price Center/Block Research Pavilion and the housing residences 1925/1935/1945 Eastchester.

Housing Residences – the main housing for students is located within the three apartment towers known as 1925, 1935 and 1945 Eastchester. 1925 and 1935 share a large lobby area. All three buildings offer access to the garage.

Housing Residences
  • 1925 Eastchester
  • 1935 Eastchester (Mazer Residence Hall)
  • 1945 Eastchester

Rhinelander Apartments – Rhinelander is the main housing building for postdocs. It is slightly removed from the main campus, at the far end of Rhinelander Avenue at its intersection with Stillwell Avenue.

Aramark Parking Garage – Often referred to as the garage or “Kinney” (a former manager of the space), the garage connects with 1925, 1935 and 1945 Eastchester.