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It is an honor to serve Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System as the new Senior Vice President of Development and Chief Philanthropy Officer. My goal in joining this community of brilliant and inspired researchers, students, faculty, and donors is to empower the urgent and impactful work happening in our classrooms and on our benches through philanthropy.

By marrying medicine, science, education, and community service—and doing so in a neighborhood that faces some of the greatest health disparities in the nation—we make a significant difference for people in the Bronx and far beyond. Generosity helps fuel this mission, and I appreciate your friendship as we, together, work in service to healthcare for all.

I encourage you to be in touch and learn more about supporting science and scholarship at Einstein.


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Kathleen Kearns
Senior Vice President of Development and Chief Philanthropy Officer
Montefiore and Einstein


It is not our desire to redefine the medical field. It’s our duty.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine is distinguished by a tradition of lifesaving innovation—and generosity from key supporters serves as the cornerstone of this ambitious enterprise. Together with Montefiore Health System, we’ve earned our place as a cutting-edge, stand-out research and education powerhouse by doing so much for so long…but there’s still more to do. Today, when social equality is at the forefront of our national discourse, it is imperative that we contribute to a global knowledge base that will advance science, medicine, and care worldwide. Your philanthropy allows us to remain a prominent—and proud—voice in this conversation.

Stand with us. Learn with us. Thrive with us. Speak to us about what speaks to you.

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