Albert Einstein College of Medicine is committed to providing all employees at various stages of their careers learning resources that support and enhance professional growth and development. We invite all faculty and staff members to explore our learning and talent development opportunities. If you manage others, please encourage your valued employees to utilize the offered courses to keep their skills strong and current.

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In addition to learning and development opportunities, the Learning Network has a robust organization development practice focused on helping our clients align their organizational structure, systems, processes, culture and people with the overall business strategy of Albert Einstein College of Medicine. We work with leaders and teams to conduct needs assessments to better understand the current state and identify opportunities for improvement. Then, collaboratively, we design tailored solutions related to:

  • Change management consulting
  • Process improvement
  • Team and performance consulting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Culture assessment
  • Focus groups and behavioral assessments
  • Strategic planning and goal setting
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Retreat design and facilitation

For any Learning Network related inquiries, please contact at Yvonne Ramirez Yvonne.Ramirez@einsteinmed.edu

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