Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center


Featured Article: Muscle fibrosis and maladaptation occur progressively in CKD and are rescued by dialysis.
Brightwell CR, Kulkarni AS, Paredes W, Zhang K, Perkins JB, Gatlin KJ, Custodio M, Farooq H, Zaidi B, Pai R, Buttar RS, Tang Y, Melamed ML, Hostetter TH, Pessin JE, Hawkins M, Fry CS, Abramowitz MK.JCI Insight. 2021 Dec 22;6(24):e150112. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.150112.

The Einstein-Mount Sinai Diabetes Research Center (ES-DRC) comprises a vibrant, extensive, diverse, well-funded and highly productive program that provides the foundation for high-quality and cutting-edge research in diabetes and related studies in obesity, metabolism and endocrinology. Included in the ES-DRC are the following:

  1. Diabetes Center faculty research base 
  2. Diabetes-specific core facilities
  3. A pilot and feasibility grant program to foster new diabetes-related research by faculty at Einstein, Mt. Sinai and other participating Institutions
  4. The Montefiore-Einstein Clinical Diabetes Center
  5. The Global Diabetes Institute, partnered with Christian Medical College, Vellore, India
  6. The Mount Sinai Diabetes and Obesity Metabolism Institute
  7. The Mount Sinai Clinical Diabetes Center

The broad interplay among research, training as well as clinical and community-based activities under a cohesive, interactive and unified leadership group functionally constitutes the Einstein-Sinai DRC as a fully comprehensive Diabetes Center.

Einstein-Sinai Diabetes Research Center investigations primarily target the minority and other served under populations prevalent among the residents of the Bronx and Manhattan, adjacent Westchester county, and other boroughs comprising New York City.

What the ES-DRC Encompasses

  • An energetic, fast-growing scientific base that serves as a national resource for diabetes investigators
  • An administrative core and core laboratories that provide integrated support for basic biomedical research, clinical research, and behavioral and translational research
  • A well-established, highly successful Pilot & Feasibility Study Program and vibrant Enrichment Program to initiate research programs in biomedical and behavioral diabetes-related areas
  • More than 120 faculty laboratories
  • Partnerships with the Columbia University DERC and with the diabetes research programs at Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell University, Winthrop University Hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center, Stony Brook University (SUNY), and Hunter College (CUNY)
  • Partial support from the New York Obesity Research Center (NYORC), the Center for the Study of Diabetic Complications, and the Montefiore Clinical Diabetes Center

Message from the Director

Jeffrey E. Pessin, Ph.D.

As part of our ongoing diabetes research mission I am pleased to announce that we have formally developed a partnership with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai... read more 



Rifkin Lectureship
May 5, 2022 and May 6, 2022
Zoom: https://einsteinmed.zoom.us/j/96624983150 Meeting ID: 96624983150
Keynote Speaker: Jose C. Florez, MD, PhD
Chief of the Endocrine Division and Diabetes Unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital 

Conference and Workshops

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Administrative Office

Jennifer Renta-Barca, MPA 
Diabetes Research Center
Division of Endocrinology
Department of Medicine
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: 718.430.2908
Fax: 718.430.8557

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