Pilot and Feasibility Projects  


Year 6 Awardees

Emily Soriano, PhD

“Dynamics of Change in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Interventions for Type 1 Diabetes Distress”

Claire Hoogendoorn, PhD

“Daily Assessment of Adherence to Diabetes Medication in the Einstein Aging Study (EAS)”

Sandra Echevveria, PhD

“Feasibility of community-based digital tools to promote physical activity among Latinos with diabetes”

Year 5 Awardees

Amanda McClain, PhD

“The role of neighborhood and household food environments and food shopping behaviors in shaping diet quality and glucose metabolism among Hispanic/Latino youth and their caregivers”

Adelaide Fortmann, PhD

“Emotional Distress in Type 1 Diabetes: The integration of Routine Psychosocial Screenings in a Real-World Endocrinology Clinic”

Year 4 Awardees

Shivani Agarwal, MD

“Use of ecological momentary assessment tools in Type 1 diabetes”

Leonor Corsino, MD/Iris Padilla, PhD

“A Transition of Care Model from Hospital to Community for Hispanic/Latino Adult Patients with Diabetes”

Karen Florez, PhD

“Characterization of the personal networks of Latino adults to identify individual and network-level factors associated with T2DM”

Lu Hu, PhD, RN

“Feasibility of a Family-oriented mHealth Intervention for Chinese Americans with Type 2 Diabetes”

Sean Lucan, MD, MPH

“Food and drink advertisements and impact on obesity in urban environment”

Year 3 Awardees

Sunit Jariwala, MD, MS

“Developing and Evaluating the T2DXcel Mobile Application for Adult Patients with Type 2 Diabetes”

Margaret McCarthy, PhD, RN

“Cardiovascular Health in Emerging Adults with Type 1 Diabetes: Identifying Targets for Early Intervention”

Year 2 Awardees

Jeannette Beasley, PhD, MPH

“BRinging the DPP to Geriatric Populations-BRIDGE”

Jessica Rieder, MD, MS

“B’N Fit Power: A School-Based Wellness Initiative for School-Age Children in the Bronx”

Earle Chambers, PhD, MPH

“Gender Disparities in Recruitment and Placement in a Health System DPP”

Year 1 Awardees

Victoria Mayer, MD, MS

“A pilot study to address food insecurity in low-income patients with diabetes”