ERC-CFAR NIH Priorities

The ERC-CFAR provides the framework and infrastructure to support, bring together, and drive productive collaborations among the NIH-funded investigators from Einstein, Rockefeller and CUNY with overlapping expertise and research programs. As shown in the graphic, Einstein (white text), Rockefeller (blue text) and CUNY (yellow txt) investigators were funded by the NIH in FY20 with >$44M to pursue research programs that span all four OAR HIV and HIV-related research priorities, enabling us to leverage multiple opportunities for current and future synergism. The ERC-CFAR also includes dozens of ESIs focused on these HIV research priorities who are not yet NIH-funded, who are highly supported by our Developmental Core. The ERC-CFAR, with >250 members including >120 independent investigators, catalyzes and drives the increasing intersection of these NIH-funded research programs, which span basic research investigating HIV biology and pathogenesis that guides the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat, prevent, and cure HIV infection, clinical investigations evaluating the efficacy of new treatments in patients, and genetic, environmental, and other biological or behavioral factors modulating acquisition, transmission, and disease course; and behavioral and public health implementation research to increase the equitable scale-up and impact of new and established preventative or treatment strategies.