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GI & Liver Diseases Well Represented at AASLD 2017

Division of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases
GI & Liver Diseases Well Represented at AASLD 2017BRONX, NY – October 25, 2017 - The Montefiore Einstein Division of Gastroenterology & Liver Diseases faculty were well represented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), held October 20-24, 2017 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, in Washington, DC.


Evaluation of Access to NAFLD-Related Care Offered by Primary Providers: Single Center Experience. Izzy MJ, Gitto Z, Canastar M, Cavaliere KR, Kalia HS. (Poster)

Healthcare Provider and Payer Perceptions of Optimism, Challenges, and Strategies for Achieving National Goals for Hepatitis C Virus Elimination. Sapir T, Brau N, Mera J, Martinez JD, Litwin AH,. Martin MT, Pardo CO, Simone L, Moreo K. (Poster)


Cost-Effectiveness of HCV Treatment Models for People Who Inject Drugs in Opioid Agonist Treatment Programs. Schackman B, Gutkind S, Morgan JR, Leff JA, Agyemang L, Akiyama MJ, Norton BL, Litwin AH, Linas PB. (Poster)

Hepatitis C Resistance-Associated Substitutions Among People who Inject Drugs Treated with Direct-Acting Antiviral-Containing Regimens in the PREVAIL Study. Akiyama MJ, Reeves JD, Feliciano I, Lie YS, Agyemang L, Litwin AH. (Poster) 

Reflex Viral Load Testing Following Positive Screening for HCV Leads to Improved Patient Follow Up and Virologic Responses. Goldstein DY, Schwartz JM, Akiyama MJ, Shukla SJ, Fox AS, Litwin AH. (Poster)

Implementation and Evaluation of a Care Coordination Program for Patients with Hepatitis C Following Release from Jail. Akiyama MJ, Macdonald R, Jordan A, Columbus D, Litwin AH, Echkardt B, Carmody E. (Poster)

Perceived barriers related to the management of HCV infection among physicians prescribing opioid agonist therapy: The C-SCOPE Study. Litwin AH, Drolet M, Nwankwo C, Torrens M, Kastelic A, Walcher S, Somaini L, Mulvihill EH, Ertl J, Grebely J. (Poster)


♦ Denotes AASLD Presidential Poster of Distinction

TNF-α Services Critical Roles in Regulation of Chemokine/Cytokine/Receptor Responses Activated by Innate Immune System after Transplantation of Allogeneic Hepatocytes. Jaber FL, Sharma Y, Kapoor S, Gupta S. (Oral Presentation)

Safe Long-Term Repopulation of Uninjured Livers by Regulated Activation of Yap in Primary Adult Hepatocytes Transplanted into DPPIV- Rats and the Gunn Rat Model of Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Type 1. Peterson EA, Polgar Z, Devakanmalai GS, Li Y, Jaber FL, Zhang W, Wang X, Iqbal NJ, Murray JW, Roy-Chowdhury N, Rogler LE, Zhu L, Roy-Chowdhury J, Shafritz DA. (Oral Presentation)

Phosphoprotein Profiling Indicates Markers of Hepatic DNA Damage and ATM Pathway Activation Separate Hepatic Injury in NASH from Fatty Liver. Viswanathan P, Gupta P, Sharma Y, Tchaikovskaya T, Gupta S. (Poster)

Ethanol Induces ATM-mediated DNA Damage Response Along with Additional Oxidative DNA Damage and Mitochondrial Injury that is Amenable to Receptor-mediated Therapeutics. Sharma Y, Gupta, S. (Poster)

♦ Co-Transplantation of Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells, Kupffer Cells and Hepatocytes Improved Cell Engraftment and Repopulation in the Mouse Liver. Borroni E, Bellofatto K, Merlin S, Berishvili E, Follenzi A, Gupta S. (Poster)

♦ Modulation of KATP Channel by Blockade of the Sulfonylurea Receptor Subunit Enhanced Engraftment and Proliferation of Transplanted Hepatocytes by Improving Mitochondrial Functionality. Jaber FL, Gupta S. (Poster)

Reduction of Organelle Motility by Removal of Potassium and Other Solutes. Murray JW, Yin D, Wolkoff AW. (Poster)

Rab1a Binds to and Recruits the Minus-end-directed Kinesin, KifC1, to Early Endocytic Vesicles. Wang X, Mukhopadhyay A, Wolkoff AW. (Poster)

Smartphone Based Artificial Intelligence Platform Demonstrates High Rates of Adherence and Viral Outcome in Patients Receiving Fixed-Dose Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir: A Pilot Study. Litwin AH, Shafner L, Agyemang L. (Poster)


Terlipressin Use, Transplant Rate, and Post-Transplant Outcomes in Patients with Type 1 Hepatorenal Syndrome (HRS). Sigal S, Jamil K, Pappas SC, Sanyal AJ, Huang S. (Poster)

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Reinfection and Injecting Risk Behavior Following Elbasvir (EBR)/Grazoprevir (GZR) Treatment in Participants on Opiate Agonist Therapy (OAT): Co-STAR Part B. Dore GJ, Grebely J, Altice F, Litwin AH, Dalgard O, Gane EJ, Shibolet O, Conway B, Nahass R, Luetkemeyer A, Peng C-Y, Iser DM,. Gendrano IN,. Kelly MM, Huang H-C, Hwang P, Barr E, Robertson M, Platt H. (Oral Presentation)

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