Thesis Requirements

The preparation and defense of the PhD thesis in Neuroscience is a culmination of a student's independent laboratory research. During the course of thesis research, the Student Advisory Committee will assist the student and the thesis advisor in defining the nature and the scope of the research project that will form the basis of the doctoral dissertation. Students are required to remain in residence until the thesis research has been completed to the satisfaction of the PhD mentor, the Student Advisory Committee and the Thesis Examining Committee.

All students must follow the thesis defense guidelines established by the Einstein Graduate Program here.

In addition to the guidelines that are set by Einstein Graduate Program, students in the Department of Neuroscience are required to fulfill the following additional requirements:

At least three months prior to the to the date of Thesis Examination, the PhD candidate must contact the Graduate Education Committee (GEC) chair to inform them that they will be graduating. The necessary forms should be submitted to the Office of the Einstein Graduate Division for approval of the membership of the Thesis Examining Committee by the Einstein Graduate Committee.