The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Global Women’s Health

The global women’s health program (GWH) focuses on education, research and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. We aim to train the next generation of women’s health providers for a career in global health via a comprehensive and multi-faceted education program.

Residents in this program participate in a three-year comprehensive educational program that includes didactic learning, simulation-based training, clinical experience, research training, and fieldwork. Applications are accepted in the spring of the PGY1 year.

Topics to be addressed include –

  • Major causes of morbidity and mortality and their variations between high-, middle-, and low-income regions
  • Public health efforts to reduce health disparities globally
  • Effect of globalization on health, health systems, and the delivery of health care
  • International healthcare system structures and organizations
  • How to work effectively in diverse cultural settings and across local, regional, national and international political landscapes
  • Global healthcare capacity and capacity-building
  • International collaborative research methods
  • Program design, implementation and evaluation in a global context to maximize contributions to effective policy, enhanced practice, and improved and sustainable health outcomes

The resident, in conjunction with a global health faculty mentor will design, prepare, and implement an international capacity building or research oriented project during the program.

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