Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Medical Students Electives

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Location: Wakefield Campus, Moses Campus, Hutchinson Metro Center Campus, Jacobi Medical Center 

Elective co-director:
Konrad I. Gruson, MD 

Administrative Support
Courtney Matlach
(Residency Program Administrator)


Phone: 347.577.4410
Maximum # of students per module: 4


General description and goals of elective:

The course consists of a four-week rotation on specific orthopaedic services contained within the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. This rotation offers the 4th year medical student an opportunity to participate in the management of patients with musculoskeletal injury and disease. Rotating students will have a chance to join the orthopaedic team on the ward, in the emergency room, in the operating room, and in the outpatient setting. Students will also participate in the didactic program of the department and the specific service to which they have been assigned. It is the goal of the rotation to have the student gain an overview of and experience in musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment. It is designed for students interested in gaining additional knowledge about orthopaedic surgery and/or students wishing to become orthopaedic surgeons. Students are given the opportunity to spend time at Jacobi where there is more exposure to high energy trauma.

Measurable learning objectives of elective:

  • To gain an understanding of the different types of orthopaedic practices and procedures.
  • To understand the principles behind the evaluation and treatment of orthopaedic patients.
  • To gain operating room exposure and experience.
  • To demonstrate the ability to present and give a comprehensive case history presentation and discussion.

More information regarding dates and eligibility can be found here:

Learning experience:

Each student is assigned to two of the three services below:

  • Adult Reconstruction Service
  • Sports Medicine & Shoulder Service
  • Pediatric Orthopaedic Service
  • The student is an integral member of the team and responsible for rounding on patients and providing clinical care in the emergency room and operating room.
  • The student is required to spend one weekend day/night during the rotation on-call at the Jacobi Hospital Emergency Room. While on-call, the students are expected to assist the junior resident on-call in the evaluation and management of acute orthopaedic injuries.
  • The student is responsible for actively participating in didactic and service-specific conferences. The didactic program consists of weekly conferences and Grand Rounds (Friday), at which time the student should be prepared to answer questions tailored to their abilities and knowledge. Students are given the opportunity to attend basic skills sessions during the rotation.
  • A formal talk will be prepared and presented at the end of the rotation.

Method of student feedback and evaluation:

The students are evaluated by the residents assigned to their service and also by the faculty members with whom they have interacted. They are evaluated based on their performance during the rotation, including knowledge base, ability to work as a team member and interactions with patients and peers. In addition, students are requested to submit an evaluation of the rotation itself prior to the end of the rotation.