Scientists Test Common Bacteria as a Weapon to Target Pancreatic Tumors

Claudia Gravekamp, Ph.D., describes her study on a novel strategy to use Listeria bacteria to make pancreatic tumors visible to the immune systems of mice and vulnerable to immune attack, significantly reducing cancer metastases and tumor size. Dr. Gravekamp is associate professor of microbiology & immunology at Einstein and a member of the National Cancer Institute-designated Albert Einstein Cancer Center.

Additional coverage includes The Scientist, New Scientist (subscription required), Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, The Independent

Science features new research by Claudia Gravekamp, Ph.D., and Ekaterina Dadachova, Ph.D., that uses radioactive bacteria to destroy metastatic pancreatic cancer. Dr. Gravekamp notes that the findings could be used as additional treatment for metastatic pancreatic cancer following surgery to remove the primary tumor. Dr. Gravekamp is associate professor of microbiology & immunology. Dr. Dadachova is professor of radiology and of microbiology & immunology and the Sylvia and Robert S. Olnick Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research.

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